Choosing which University to go to in the UK is not an easy decision and is not one that should be rushed. Every University in the UK is different and would appeal to different people. A few examples of the differences are:

  • Located in a big busy city, a smaller town or in a country / seaside location.
    • Bolton is a town so has everything you may need but is not as big and intimidating as somewhere like London.
  • A big University of 30,000 students or a smaller one of 5 – 10,000.
    • Bolton has around 10,000 so you will get to know a lot more students and staff.
  • An older more expensive University or a newer and lowest cost one.
    • Bolton has only been a University since 2004 but is one of the lowest cost in the UK.

The University of Bolton may not appeal to everyone but it would be the perfect option for some. Some of the key points that make Bolton great as are follows:

  • GREAT LOCATION - Bolton is the largest town in England (and is only 15 minutes away from Manchester City Centre) so has everything that a student would need.
  • FRIENDLY COMMUNITY - Bolton is a small university with a friendly atmosphere so you will make many new friends and will know your lecturers too.
  • INTERNATIONAL - Bolton (and the surrounding areas) is very multi-cultural so any international student will never feel alone. You can also buy products (including food) from around the world so you will always feel at home.
  • FLEXIBLE PROGRAMMES - We offer courses from pre-sessional English, foundation, Bachelors, Masters and PhD so have something to offer most students.
  • MULTIPLE INTAKES - We have 2 intakes a year for academic courses and 6 for pre-sessional English so we can create the best option for you.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY - Our tuition fees are very competitive with other UK Universities and Bolton is considered to be one of the most affordable places to live.
  • SUPERIOR STUDENT SUPPORT - Our dedicated team offers support to all our students in matter including, finances, accommodation, health, disability etc
  • GREAT CAREER PROSPECTS - A dedicated JobShop on campus will help you find a part-time job while you study or a full-time job when you graduate. Remember, the job market is highly competitive so you have to be very motivated!

We would also recommend that all new students speak to any friends or family with experience of the UK and especially any who have previously studied in the UK. They would be able to give really good advice and unbiased inside information.