***This page is intended to give advice, with all information being up to date and correct at the time of publishing in February 2017. For more up to date visa and immigration information please see www.directgov.uk. ***

Do I need a visa?

If you are a citizen living outside the UK or the EU and EEA, applying to study for the academic year 2017/18 (September 2017 or January 2018) you will need to apply for a visa to study at the University of Bolton.

I am an international student

As an international student you will need a visa to study at the University. Every international applicant who receives an offer to study at Bolton will receive prompts on what to do to apply for their visa and receive their CAS. It's an important and expensive deision you are making so making sure you understand what is involved is essential. Please take a look at the DirectGov website for up to date information.

I'm an EU/EEA student, will Brexit affect my immigration status?

The government has yet to make an anouncemnet regarding immigration status for citizens from the EU and EEA who are applying to study from September 2018 onwards. Once this anouncement is made we can offer advice on your visa and immigration options. Please see the DirectGov website for more informaiton about this.

I'm not sure what my status will be, how do I check?

The below websites can offer advice on what your status could be, please check before applying and if you are still unsure get in touch at international@bolton.ac.uk.

UK Visas
British Council
UK Cisa