University Accommodation

The University has 2 halls of residence and can accommodate around 700 students. We prioritise international students and generally are able to accommodate all first year students as long as you apply early. If you leave it until the last week to inform us that you would like a room then we may be full.

The halls of residence cost £78.50 per week. This price includes all the related bills (heating, electricity, internet) and is one of the lowest prices for University accommodation in the UK.

To book accommodation you will need to complete the accommodation booking form and return it to|. The form will be emailed to you along with your offer and should be returned when you accept your place.

Visit the Student Services website for full details on accommodation| and for a copy of the booking form.

Private Accommodation

If you do not want to live in the University Accommodation then you are welcome to find your own accommodation off-campus. The University Accommodation team can assist in this process but you will be required to do a lot more work compared to choosing the halls of residence. The University can also not guarantee the quality or the cost of private accommodation.

Living with family or friends

If you are lucky enough to have family or friends already living in the Bolton/Manchester area and they are able to accommodate you then the University considers this to be an excellent option. It should be more cost effective for you and can also make the move even easier.

Remember that you cannot live with family outside of the Bolton/Manchester area as you could be required to come to the University for lectures every day. Living too far away from the University is not an excuse to miss classes and we would strongly recommend that you check with the University to see whether your plans are appropriate.

Important, your arrival in the UK will be much easier if you ensure that your accommodation is already booked. Arriving without accommodation can make your first days more stressful but our accommodation team will help any student in this situation.