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Grade equivalents: 160 points

Here are some examples of how you can achieve 160 UCAS points as accepted by the University of Bolton. There are obviously many other possible combinations - this is just a general guide. If specific subjects are required for your course these must be included in your tariff points calculation.

Not all qualifications are included in the UCAS tariff|. If your qualification is not listed below, or you still have questions after reading this page, please contact us| for advice. 

Here at Bolton we do accept points from subjects like General Studies and Critical Thinking at A-level/AS-level. We will also count up to 40 points from Key Skills at Level 3/4, the Free-standing Mathematics qualifications or Higher Sports Leader Awards (or other similar qualifications). You can also combine points from different qualifications so long as they are not in the same subject.


  • Two A2-levels at grades CC / BD / AE 
  • Three A2-levels at grades DDE
  • Two A2-levels plus two AS-levels at grades DDee / CEee, etc.
  • Two A2-levels plus one AS-level at grades DDc, etc.
  • One A2-level at grade A plus passes in two Key Skills at Level 3
  • One AVCE Double Award at grades CC
  • One AVCE Double Award at grades DD plus passes in two Key Skills at Level 3
  • One ACVE Single Award at grade A plus passes in two Key Skills at Level 3

BTEC Nationals (excluding Early Years) (NQF)

  • One BTEC National Diploma at grades MPP
  • One BTEC National Diploma at grades PPP plus passes in two Key Skills at Level 3
  • One BTEC National Certificate at grades MM
  • One BTEC National Certificate at grades MP plus passes in two Key Skills at Level 3
  • One BTEC National Award at grade D plus passes in two Key Skills at Level 3

BTEC Nationals (QCF)

  • One BTEC Extended Diploma (Level 3) at grades MPP
  • One BTEC Diploma (Level 3) at grades MM
  • One BTEC Subsidiary Diploma (Level 3) at grade D plus one AS-level at grade C 

Advanced Diplomas, Progression Diplomas, Principle Learning and Extended Project elements

  • One Progression Diploma at grade C (worth 200 points)
  • One Advanced Diploma including the Progression Diploma at grade E plus one A2-level at grade D, etc. 
  • One Principle Learning element at grade C plus one A2-level at grade E, etc.
  • One Extended Project element at grade A plus one A2-level at grade B, etc.

Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art & Design)

  • One Diploma in Foundation Studies at Pass grade (worth 165 points)

Welsh Baccalaureate

  • One Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Diploma (with at least 160 points)
  • One Welsh Baccalaureate Core pass (at Level 3) plus two A2-levels at grades EE (worth 200 points).
  • The options elements will still be counted if an applicant does not achieve the full Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Diploma.

Scottish Highers

  • Two Advanced Highers at grades CD (worth 162 points) 
  • One Advanced Higher at grade A plus passes in two Core Skills at Higher Level (worth 170 points), etc.
  • Three Highers at grades BBD (worth 166 points), etc.  
  • Two Highers at grades AA

Irish Leaving Certificates

  • Two Higher Certificates at grades A1, A2 (worth 167 points)
  • Three Higher Certificates at grades B2, C1, C2 (worth 161 points), etc.

International Baccalaureate

  • One IB Diploma with 24 IB points (worth 260 points)
  • Three IB Higher Levels at grades 4,4,4 plus one IB Standard Level at grade 3 (worth 161 points), etc.
  • Two IB Higher Levels at grades 5,5 / 6,4

Access to HE Diploma

Students would usually be expected to successfully complete their Access to HE Diploma. Applications are judged on a case by case basis.

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